Northern Colorado finds new ways to invest in 2023

Ever since the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush in 1858, Coloradans have looked for new and unexpected ways to make money. Prospectors may be a thing of the past, but people all over northern Colorado are finding some pretty ingenious ways to get rich, and they are.

Read on to learn more about these unusual investment strategies and consider joining the rush. There’s more than enough to go!

1. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Futures

Crypto has seen a rocky road to the end of 2022, but investors still think there is potential in 2023 for big players like Bitcoin. These days, buying and selling bitcoins is as simple as clicking a button on your money transfer app.

What are bitcoin futures? In short, taking a position on Bitcoin futures means you can make money even if Bitcoin loses value. You can also hedge your bets if you bought a lot of Bitcoin. Trading on an established futures exchange also means there is some regulation.

Crypto has lost some stability in 2022, but this only opens up new ways to make money in 2023!

2. Real estate investment

Colorado has been a boom state for the past few decades: people from the east are moving here for good jobs, low taxes and spectacular views. It’s pretty obvious that selling and renting to newcomers is a good way to make money.

While house flipping is still alive and well, more people these days are choosing to pursue rental properties. Homeownership can be difficult, but there are many financial advantages, especially in areas with a lot of population growth like what Northern Colorado is seeing.

And don’t worry about being alone in real estate investing. There are several groups active in Northern Colorado to share tips and tricks of the trade.

If you have the budget and are willing to get your hands dirty, owning investment properties can make you money!

3. Risk capital

Places like New York and Silicon Valley are full of venture capital, but more Colorado angel investors are putting money into homegrown companies these days, leading to a mini-boom in places like Boulder and Fort Collins.

Angel investors in the State are looking for new businesses with unique ideas but little experience.

It’s a high-risk, high-reward deal and you may only get lucky once, but the payoff can easily be six figures or more!

For those with plenty of cash and nerves of steel, venture capital investing could be very lucrative.

4. Marijuana businesses

More and more states are finding out what Colorado knew years ago: Marijuana is a very high-paying product. We’ll spare you the jokes about ‘high’ profits or earning some ‘green’ – the market space is serious and the profits prove it.

Both small and large investors are getting into all parts of the weed game: farms, dispensaries, and edibles. In fact, this is where many of the early adopters made their money.

Now that the market has matured, there is also money to be made in the industry offering business services such as finance, software services and marketing.

Colorado’s marijuana market is more mature than Maryland or Michigan, and there is still a lot of innovation and new products to discover.

Grow your money in Northern Colorado

There is no shortage of ways to invest your money in Northern Colorado. The Wild State has always been filled with the spirit of the old prospectors, and today is no different: where there are Coloradans, there is innovation. And there is always work to be done here. Colorado shows growth next year. There is money to be made, and people are here to make it!

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