Who is Aaron Franklin Brink? Internet slams Colorado who shot suspect’s father over Intervention appearance

After Colorado shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich, it’s now time for father Aaron Franklin Brink to be in the spotlight and on netizens’ radar.

It was revealed that the father has appeared in many adult films and reality shows like Divorce Court i intervention in 2009. Since the revelation, social media users have been firing back at Aaron Franklin for his appearances.

Aaron Franklin reportedly left the shooter’s mother when the shooter was a toddler. That’s when he got his start in MMA and began working in adult films under the alias Delaware. The internet is now getting Aaron Brink to appear interventionwhere her fiance tried to get her to stop using crystal meth.

This all came to light after Aldrich allegedly opened fire at Club Q in Colorado Springs, killing five people on November 19, 2022. The incident also left several people injured. Aldrich now faces five counts of first degree murder and five counts of prejudice causing bodily injury.

It’s also worth noting that Anderson Lee Aldrich identifies as non-binary and will be referred to by the pronouns “they/them” throughout this article.

Details about Aaron Franklin have been explored following revelations of him using meth and being convicted of many crimes

Much has been made of Colorado gay club shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich. However, after the shooter’s first court appearance on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, his father, Aaron Franklin, is being punished for using crystal meth. As mentioned above, she has also appeared in several adult shows and movies.

This all happened after an interview with CBS 8, where the father said that when he heard there was a shooting involving several people at a gay bar, he wondered if his son was gay. Franklin claimed to have been “scared” that his son was gay, but when he found out it wasn’t true, he allegedly said, “Phhheww.”

    Aaron Franklin, father of the Colorado shooter, is getting bashed on the internet (Image via @@NoLieWithBTC)
Aaron Franklin, father of the Colorado shooter, is getting bashed on the internet (Image via @@NoLieWithBTC)

He also talked about being a conservative Republican. He said:

“My opinion about gay people is that it’s not right. I think we should fight against homosexuality.”

However, social media users are now highlighting the fact that Franklin was a crystal meth user who makes adult movies for a living. They are insulting her for claiming that she would have a problem if her son were gay.

As they continued to hit Franklin, one person pulled the family story and said the shooter was arrested for a bomb threat while his mother is an arsonist with a DUI. The user went on to list the family’s criminal history.

Netizens criticized the Colorado shooter's father for being homophobic and appearing on shows like Intervention.  (Image via Twitter)
Netizens criticized the Colorado shooter’s father for being homophobic and appearing on shows like Intervention. (Image via Twitter)

Some have even taken to calling the father “disgusting.”

Netizens call out to Franklin
Netizens call Franklin “Disgusting” after revelations about his appearance in Intervention and other adult films. (Image via Twitter)

Franklin also has a criminal record, including an assault conviction against Anderson’s mother, Laura Voepel. A 2002 battery conviction in California prevented Franklin from contacting Laura. However, she was later granted supervised visits with the child.

However, that’s not all, as Aaron Franklin was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for importing marijuana. He also tested positive for illegal steroids, which has been added to his criminal record.

Aldrich, the Colorado shooter, was reportedly bullied online because of his father’s criminal record and work in the adult film industry. This led them to change their name from Nicholas Franklin Brink to Anderson Lee Aldrich.

According to the petition at the time, the name change was intended to “protect” them and their future from any connection to their father, Aaron Franklin. Simply put, Anderson Aldrich changed his name to not be connected to his father, Aaron Franklin.

As mentioned above, the shooter identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them. El Paso County District Attorney Michael Allen said Aldrich’s identity will have no bearing on the prosecution, including whether the shooter will be charged with hate crimes, according to Reuters.

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