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Airdrie football player makes CFC prospect game

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A young Airdrie football player will play among Canada’s top 70 16- and 17-year-old players at the Ottawa Redblacks preseason game at the CFC Prospect Game on May 27.

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Considered one of the best running backs for his age group in the country, 16-year-old Paul Condon of the George McDougall Mustangs and Airdrie Raiders was given the opportunity after being the Calgary-area national MVP to try out for the game.

Only 70 players across the country were selected, proving Condon’s talent among young Canadian soccer players.

Condon has been playing football for nine years, starting with the Airdrie Storm. He now plays for two teams and with no other sporting interests, he said he is committed to his football career.

“I’m very dedicated and passionate, so when I heard I was given the opportunity to take this test, I was really excited,” said Condon.

“Everyone gave their all. I felt like I had a very good shot, but I wasn’t entirely sure,” he said.

The Calgary tryouts were invitation-only and based primarily on results from the past high school football season.

It’s an exciting new opportunity for Condon. He played at McMahon Stadium in his freshman year as a footballer but gets another chance to play at a major stadium as a young man, with the game being televised on national television via TSN.

Condon is expected to arrive in Ottawa on Tuesday, May 24 and will have about three days to train with his potential team alongside their volunteer coach, TSN sportscaster and retired CFL pro Matt Dunigan.

It’s not the first time Condon’s talent has been noticed. The teenager recently played in San Antonio, Texas with the Alberta Selects and played at the Rose Bowl Arena. He also played nationally for team Alberta South last summer.

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Still, Condon’s parents said it was a great achievement for him to make the CFC Prospect Game.

“It’s special that he was chosen, especially when there are only 70 in the country,” said Greg Condon.

“Judging by the size of some linemen, they’ve gone through the crème de la crème. There were some big guys for their age groups,” he said.

“Six foot seven and 300 pounds. 16 is pretty intimidating.”

“I’m very partisan as his mother, but every year he’s played, with the exception of the Covid years, he’s won an award,” said Linda Condon.

“From Rookie of the Year to last year’s Team MVP with the Mustangs. When he got the invite, I wasn’t really surprised,” she said.

“You kind of question it because he’s up against the best of the best, but I wasn’t really surprised that he got invited to play.”

It also means a lot for the motivated young athlete hoping to push his football career as far as possible.

“I would like a scholarship from a D1 college in the States. Whatever I can get, I just want to keep playing football,” he said.

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