College Football Week 12 Takeaways: Embrace the Inevitable – College Football Podcast

After 11 weeks of college football, the final carpet of the 2022 season is taking shape. But even if we think we know how it’s all going to end, none of us really do.

Except for me.

This week, without qualms about embarrassing myself, I’ll tell you exactly what’s about to happen. Come on, send me back my worst takes. call me an idiot I’m done with all the safe, lukewarm takes. I’m in my ESPN expert era and nobody can stop me.

Come back next week when I explain why the FDA should bring back trans fats and make cigarettes more accessible to kids. For now, however, here are four unrelenting, inevitable outcomes for the 2022 college football season.

TCU will either win the National Championship or lose by 50

If a team lets the ball run with 20 seconds and no time-out left, then somehow pulls out his field goal team to kick a game winner, this team was clearly chosen by the football gods. The question is: was TCU singled out for glory, or is it on the verge of cruel, Prometheus-like retaliation for its hubris?

Each week it feels like the Horned Frogs screw around for three quarters and then come back with a mix of offensive brilliance and downright shenanigans. After the Baylor win, head coach Sonny Dykes claimed that the Frogs practice field goal fire drills every week. Insane.

This clearly means TCU will beat Georgia in the playoffs. It’s either that or the Frogs score two of the fastest field goals you’ve ever seen when they lose 90-6.

Ohio State and Michigan are on a collision course… with excessive publicity

Battle for the Big Ten. game of the century. A FOX executive’s new lake house once the Nielsen ratings arrive.

I hope you like one of these teams because that’s all you’ll hear about for the next week. And why not? Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud is likely to win the Heisman Trophy, and Michigan running back Blake Corum is the clear front-runner for College Football Writers. “Um, this non-quarterback actually should have won” Heismann Prize.

So expect a sickening amount of marketing for this matchup. Admittedly, we’re talking about FOX. The Wolverines and Buckeyes could both play Division III schools, and the network would still send Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt to hype Ohio State against the Wapakoneta School of Optometry for Big Noon Kickoff.

Tennessee fans are Yes, really I’m going to base it on the win in Alabama

Don’t get me wrong – Vols fans should definitely brag about beating Bama until their brains go to pulp. I’m pretty sure if I had nine wins, my school would have a parade. Brag about it, Rocky Top.

However, the whole “Season of Destiny” thing takes a bit of a shine when you lose to South Carolina 63-38. Yes, Tennessee star quarterback Hendon Hooker was injured, but Hooker wasn’t the one trying to stop former Oklahoma benchee Spencer Rattler from throwing for 438 yards and six touchdowns.

Then again, who knows? If the playoff committee really considers style points, it would be difficult to find a team that can generate as many as Tennessee. Or at least the Tennessee defense.

Iowa will somehow win the Big Ten West again

To be fair, Iowa isn’t going 100 percent to the Big Ten Championship Game. The Hawkeyes have yet to pass… Just take a look… ah. Nebraska.

Like I said, Iowa is 100 percent going to the Big Ten Championship Game. It seems absurd given the Hawkeyes’ historically horrible offense, but historical awfulness is a necessary component of a successful Big Ten West team this season.

Iowa will go to Indianapolis, lose to Ohio State or Michigan by a string of points that can’t be viewed on a four-function calculator, and then change nothing in the offseason. And centuries from now, when society has collapsed and government as we know it is a relic of the past, the state of Iowa will still be paying the Ferentz family seven figures a year.

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