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The best soccer gadgets to get your head in the game

If your favorite sport is soccer and you can’t wait for the next kick in the park, need aids for your training drills or want to improve your skills ahead of next season, we’ve rounded up some below a selection of the top soccer gadgets that will Should give you an extra edge on and off the pitch.

Whether you want to help your goalkeeper with high-tech gloves or improve your ball control in midfield so you’re efficient with both feet, there are a number of devices to help you analyze your training and improve your performance.

We’ve even included some soccer-themed recovery ideas to help you wind down after the last tournament or get your legs ready for the next phase.

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The best soccer gadgets to buy in 2022

Soccer Kick Trainer

soccer kick trainer on white background

If you want to perfect your ball touch but don’t want to waste half of your cardio training chasing the ball, this might be the ideal solution for you.

Simply wrap the training aid around the ball and connect it to your belt via the elastic tether, and you can practice your holds and shots without moving from where you are.

Suitable for both kids and adults, the waist can be adjusted to your size, with a durable elastic material that promises strong stitching so it won’t fall apart during work.

GPS activity tracker from STATSports Apex Athlete Series

STATSports APEX Athlete Series GPS Activity Tracker

Claiming to have the world’s most powerful GPS, this activity tracker has been officially approved by FIFA and has been worn by the likes of Ronaldo and Harry Kane.

Once the vest is on, you can monitor your game stats, covering everything from distance you’ve covered, how fast you’ve run, your specific sprint times, and other key insights into your performance.

It’s got six hours of battery life, which means it’ll see you through a full game, including warm-ups and practice sessions, and because it’s weatherproof, you don’t have to worry about rain ruining your game either.

The boot buddy

The Boot Buddy on a white background

Take care of your football boots and keep them sparkling clean even after the muddy games with the help of the Boot Buddy.

Designed to make life easier for you after a hard day on the pitch, it should only take a few minutes to remove mud and stains thanks to the handy brush at the end that filters and releases water for effective exfoliation. It also has a plastic pickaxe on the end for those extra difficult chunks of mud that wouldn’t otherwise move.


Sense Ball on white background

Claiming to be used by over 500 football clubs including top sides like AC Milan and Leicester City, the Senseball aims to improve your game by giving you better ball control on both feet for that extra edge on the pitch playing field.

The kit includes a handle and leash that attaches to the ball so you can practice your touch with each foot. They say that not only does it improve skills, but it can also have a positive impact on your posture to help reduce injuries in the long run.

It’s also paired with an app that suggests workout routines to ensure you’re getting the most out of the device, with what appears to be a Senseball user averaging 500,000 ball touches during a single season.

Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite football boot

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite

The right footwear can make all the difference on the pitch, so it’s a good idea to invest in a reliable pair of shoes before an important game.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly football boots are specifically designed to improve your performance in all areas, with a Flyknit material for a light and stretchy feel on your feet, a forefoot plate designed to give you extra acceleration when you need to sprint, and cleats should provide the traction you need to keep your balance.

These shoes can also be personalized to stand out from the crowd with the option of adding a choice of words or a specific flag to the tongue, or you can simply choose a color scheme that suits you best.

Hydrate Spark smart water bottle

HidrateSpark PRO water bottle on white background

You probably won’t forget to pick up this bottle during intense workouts as it will light up to remind you to hydrate. Equipped with LED lights on the bottom, it gives you a hint when you need it and even syncs with an adjacent app to track your water drinking habits so you can accurately measure your water intake.

The bottle itself is made from shatterproof plastic and stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about it being valuable if you take a quick sip during gameplay, and thanks to the vacuum-insulated construction, your drink should stay chilled for up to 24 hours.

SKLZ precision pop up gate

SKLZ precision pop up gate on white background

Practice your shooting accuracy off the field with this pop-up goal from SKLZ. This portable unit can be set up in even the tightest of spaces, with just two stakes keeping it firmly planted in the ground while you hammer away hits at the back of the net.

Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 3ft to 6ft, this is an ideal training tool that can be used as a garden accessory to improve your technique or even as an official set of posts during a casual game. If you’re playing with more than one person, you can simply remove the precision plate and leave the net completely free.

Normatec 2.0 legs

Normatec 2.0 legs

Whether you need to warm up effectively before a game or need a quick recovery to be ready for the next phase of the tournament, the Normatec 2.0 Legs aims to get your legs back in action.

The device essentially wraps around your legs and compresses them, with seven different settings that can target different areas depending on where you need the most support and attention.

There’s even a handy remote control so you can play or pause the effect and cycle through those settings, with the option to also pair with an app via Bluetooth so you can use your device.

Rally and Roar foosball table

Rally and Roar foosball table on white background

When the weather is too bad to play or you still haven’t gotten enough of football after a long day of training, why not opt ​​for a game of table football. It doesn’t require a lot of assembly, which is ideal when you’re tired after a long day so you can start playing right away.

The grips have an octagonal design for comfort and control, feature ball bearings for a smooth feel and the rods themselves are chrome plated steel so you can give it the right amount of power and take the lead.

Reusch Attract Freegel Fusion Ortho-tec Goaliator goalkeeper gloves

Rusch Attract Freegel Fusion Ortho Tec goalkeeper gloves

If your favorite position is scoring goals, you know that the right gloves can make all the difference when it comes to keeping the ball. To make your life as easy as possible and to keep the scoreboard on your side, these gloves promise an impressive grip that will hold up, whatever the weather.

The latex on the palm has been embossed to promote a relaxed shape when gripping the ball and concentrated areas such as the base of the palm have been reinforced as they are likely to wear down first.

Each finger also features a removable spine, so you can play with a little more flexibility, or leave them intact if you want a little more strength and protection for your hands.

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