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ABC: Australia votes in 2022 | TV tonight

ABC has now confirmed its Election Day coverage, Australia votes in 2022which begins at 7 a.m. on Saturday.

From 6pm AEST, Leigh Sales, Antony Green and David Speers will moderate the evening show, along with Labor and Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham’s Annabel Crabb, Andrew Probyn, Laura Tingle and Tanya Plibersek.

Reporting will continue through Sunday weekend breakfast and insider.

All day election coverage begins with Johanna Nicholson and Jeremy Fernandez at the weekend breakfast at 7am (all times are AEST) followed by extended ABC News bulletins throughout the day from 11am to 4pm presented by Joe O’ Brien and Karina Carvalho.

A national edition of ABC News will have the last word live across the country at 5 p.m. on Election Day before polling stations close, presented by Jeremy Fernandez and Mary Gearin.

And from 6pm on election night, Leigh Sales, Antony Green and David Speers will be directing our televised election broadcast. They are joined by Labor’s Annabel Crabb, Andrew Probyn, Laura Tingle, as well as Tanya Plibersek and Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham.

Antony Green’s unparalleled analysis of the data will provide viewers with the most reliable and timely updates throughout the night and as the action unfolds.

Insider presenter David Speers will present a new segment with cutting-edge graphics that not only show the audience where the election is won and lost, but also the trends behind the outcome. Have coal communities returned to Labour, have high-mortgage-stressed seats stayed in government? David will answer these questions and more with the help of Vote Compass moderator Bridget Brennan, former Deputy State Secretary of the Victorian Liberal Party Tony Barry and former Victoria Deputy Campaigns Manager Kosmos Samaras.

It will be ABC reporters scattered coast-to-coast in the battlefield seats who will decide who will form the next government, moving on to key figures from parties large and small as the composition of the 47th Parliament begins to take shape. Greg Jennett and Patricia Karvelas will be watching the Liberal and Labor camp mood from their Sydney events and we will be bringing the Victory and Concession speeches live to the audience as they take place.

On Sunday 22nd May the weekend breakfast starts at 6am to bring you up to speed, followed by the closing 90 minute insider broadcast of the 2022 federal election campaign, live from the ABC election center in Ulten.

David Speers is joined by David Crowe (The Age & Sydney Morning Herald), Katharine Murphy (The Guardian) and Samantha Maiden ( to break down the result for viewers – where it won, where it lost , or if it’s still up in the air, who is likely to form a minority government.

Expect interviews with senior members of both the Liberals and Labor parties, and a look back at the ups and downs of the campaign in an insiders post-election montage.

If you’re on the road, lining up to vote or at an election night party, you can stay connected with live streaming coverage throughout the day on ABC iview and then catch up on important moments and stories in our Australia Voices Collection.

And the ABC News website and app will blog live throughout the day and into the night as votes are tallied and results come in. Follow the blog for the latest results, expert analysis from the ABC election team and 24/7 reporters across the country, and get involved by asking the ABC News team a question or leaving a comment.

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