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Netflix is ​​feeling a little Twitch-y and may be getting into the live-streaming game

According to a report by meeting, Netflix wants to get into the live streaming game. It seems strange that it took the company so long to even consider the possibility of live streaming. That’s over now, as Netflix itself has confirmed it’s working on the feature. It will eventually allow for live stand-up specials, with other live content also planned.

It’s possible that Netflix will up its game due to Disney+’s ever-looming presence. Just last week, numbers were revealed suggesting Disney+ is on the up while Netflix is ​​slumping. Disney+ also beat Netflix to the live streaming finish line, with Disney+ showing a live view of the Academy Awards earlier this year.

What could be live?


While Disney+ is a new contender in the live streaming war, it may not be able to keep up if Netflix takes this seriously. Netflix already has good deals with the most famous comedians and good relationships with the others. If the platform would start posting more live stage events, it could attract more users than before.

Those hoping for news about streaming live sports on the platform will be disappointed. Netflix plans to use its new live streaming space for stand-up shows, among other things. At least initially. That’s not to say Netflix will never bring live sports to the platform. Just don’t get your hopes up.

For example, recent Netflix is ​​a Joke Fest featuring over 130 of comedy’s biggest names. Pete Davidson, Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr and Larry David to name a few. For now, only twelve of the performances are set to air on Netflix, which feels like a waste. When the event returns next year, Netflix may choose to broadcast it live so things can unfold naturally.

Shows that Feature No Script may also be destined for the live streaming space. Shows how The circle – a smash hit for the company – and the upcoming series dance 100 could benefit from a live streaming feature. Dance shows have often been broadcast live, so that feels like a no-brainer for the service. But how could The circle be broadcast live? Well, it wouldn’t be the entire season, but rather the final episodes, which are often reunion episodes and/or downvote episodes.

Netflix on something?

Netflix live streaming

At the moment, no reports or Netflix have mentioned that live streaming will be more expensive. But we’re talking about Netflix here. If there’s a chance of some extra cash, you best believe they’re going to jump at the opportunity.

The platform could start charging accounts that want access to live streaming a little more per month, which would boost revenue. They can also charge smaller, one-time fees for access to specific events. When we see Netflix’s return next year being a hoax fest, it wouldn’t be a surprise if customers had to pay to enter.

Currently, the content available feels too lackluster for Netflix to start charging for it. As better live content is released over time, we may see a price increase to access it.

At the time of writing, no dates regarding a possible release window have been discussed.

Source: Deadline

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