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SANTA FE – Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) on Monday announced more than $20 million in awards to 41 New Mexico organizations to help provide housing stability services to at-risk communities and help tenants navigate. barriers to housing in New Mexico.

These grants were made available through the New Mexico Home Fund, formerly known as the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

“Our efforts to address housing and homelessness must run the gamut, focusing not only on helping New Mexicans find an affordable and comfortable place to live, but also on providing them with the tools they need to keep that housing,” said Gov. Lujan Grisham. “We are working to create a broad spectrum of housing options that meet New Mexicans who need help where they are.”

“The Housing Stability Program is an opportunity to partner with organizations that help the most vulnerable and at-risk communities with additional direct help navigating assistance and providing a lifeline to their housing situations housing,” said DFA Secretary Debbie Romero. “We are working together with community partners to provide more permanent outcomes for the most vulnerable New Mexicans through our housing stability programs.”

Award-winning projects were chosen from proposals from municipalities, community organizations and coalitions to assist in DFA’s housing stabilization efforts.

Projects that have received funding focus on one or more of the following:

  • Mediation between owners and tenants;
  • Advice on housing;
  • Management of cases related to housing stability;
  • Specialized services for people with disabilities or the elderly that favor their ability to access or maintain housing;
  • Legal services or attorney’s fees related to eviction procedures and maintenance of housing stability;
  • Services related to housing for survivors of domestic abuse or human trafficking;
  • Programs to prevent and divert evictions;
  • Housing Navigators that help households access emergency rental assistance programs or find housing; i
  • Housing stability partners will work directly with constituents in their communities.

The housing stability program is run by New Mexico Community Trust (NMCT) on behalf of DFA. NMCT is a New Mexico-based philanthropic organization that provides financial and administrative support and builds capacity for the social sector. The partnership between NMCT and DFA represents an innovative model for government agencies and nonprofit organizations to work collaboratively to deploy federal funds to communities through a network of grassroots organizations.

The New Mexico Home Fund helps New Mexico renters and homeowners pay their rent, mortgage and utility bills. The program is funded by the US Department of the Treasury and administered by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration. There is no need to repay the aid provided. To date, more than $200 million in rent and utility assistance and $11 million in mortgage assistance have been awarded to nearly 60,000 households. For more information visit www.nmhomefund.org.

Home stability awards/programs:

  • Albuquerque Affordable Housing Coalition;
  • I protect;
  • Casa Milagro;
  • Center for Civic Policy/NM Dream Team;
  • Savila Center;
  • Chainbreaker Collective;
  • Violence in the city of Albuquerque Intervention/Trauma program Recovery Center;
  • Southern New Mexico Community Action Agency;
  • Northern New Mexico Crisis Center;
  • Crossroads of Women;
  • Taking care of the children;
  • DreamTree Project;
  • Dona Ana County;
  • Central Eastern Ministries;
  • El Camino Real Housing Authority;
  • Community Link;
  • Refuge Esperanza;
  • Hopeworks;
  • The Summits
  • Luna Healing House;
  • New Mexico Black Leadership Council;
  • New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness;
  • New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions;
  • New Mexico Eviction Prevention and Diversion Program;
  • New Mexico Immigrant Law Center;
  • Legal Aid of New Mexico;
  • Association for Community Action;
  • San Juan Community Association;
  • Self-help;
  • Southwest Native Asset Coalition;
  • Shelter of Santa Isabel;
  • Supportive Housing Coalition
  • Tender love;
  • The link of life;
  • United Way of Lea County;
  • UNM Pathways Program: Stable Homes and Healthy Communities Initiative;
  • Offgrid Veterans;
  • Vision Sankofa;
  • Women in Leadership;
  • YES Housing; i
  • Youth choir line.


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