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Viviana Puello - CEO of ArtTour International

Viviana Puello – CEO of ArtTour International

Artya Esmeralda Ceremony poster

Esmeralda Artya award ceremony

Images of award-winning artist-named artworks receive the 2022 Emerald ARTYA Award

Artists honored with the ARTYA Maragda award ceremony

Emerald ARTivist of the Year Award honors artists for their hard work and dedication to their craft.

The award uniquely recognizes the efforts of artists who create with a purpose, from environmentalism to humanitarianism, education or simply inspiring smiles on the faces of their audiences.”

— Viviana Puello

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 24, 2022 / — The art world witnessed a celebration of its relatives and the people who make it thrive in various ways. Renowned art promotion platform, ArtTour International, presented its annual Emerald ARTIvista of the Year (ARTYA) Award ceremony last week.

The Emerald ARTYA is an awards ceremony that celebrates artists who create art with a purpose. The prestigious event takes place in November as a virtual occasion directly from ArtTour International Studios in New York City. In addition, the Emerald ARTivist of the Year Award Ceremony will be broadcast worldwide via the Vivid Arts TV Network on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV.

Emerald ARTYA features talented artists who create with a purpose. With art focused on environmentalism, humanitarianism, education and other topics that draw out the emotions of the public, these people are duly recognized and awarded with a plaque handmade with 24 carat Italian gold leaf and a natural Colombian emerald, an original work of art by Viviana. Puello, the founder and CEO of ArtTour International.

Emerald ARTYA is an extension of ATIM’s dedication to promoting the world of art and recognizing the people who make it what it is. With a reach of over ten million viewers in over 180 countries, ATIM has established itself as a renowned global platform. It also offers an art magazine distributed in print at various Barnes & Noble stores and in digital formats on Apple iTunes, PressReader and Issuu. In addition, ArtTour International has focused on steady growth over the years, ensuring that its television arm, which broadcasts through Vivid Arts Network TV, enjoys an upward trajectory with its television program on Apple TV , Amazon Fire and Roku.

The platform has been at the forefront of giving maximum visibility to artists by making their works and profiles known. It also organizes international exhibitions and live events to provide these artists with a wide range of opportunities to showcase their works to the world. All this inspired the nickname coined by the media, the “Oscars of the visual arts”, and every year, Vivianna Puello leads her team to fulfill the promise of giving maximum coverage to artists.

ATIM aims to inspire the world by putting talented artists in the spotlight and giving people an idea of ​​how talent and hard work can translate into success. The platform’s print and digital magazine, TV network, award shows, full-service PR agency and an associated gallery in New York are just a few of the many ways it helps artists get exposure . “We are different with our offers and what we do. Our multimedia ability to bring artists to television networks and other international platforms sets us apart, and we continue to reinvent that wheel to deliver on those promises,” said Vivianna.

As the Emerald ARTivist of the Year Award approaches, ATIM founder Vivianna Puello looks forward to the warm welcome from people from all walks of life and how much the event will further captivate the art world

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