American Security Today magazine awards several awards to Cloudastructure

MIAMI, November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At ISC East, American Security Today magazine awarded Cloudastructure with 8 ‘ASTORS’ awards, an honor the editor acknowledged few companies have enjoyed in the history of the Astors.

As the preeminent US Homeland Security Awards program, and now in its sixth year, American Security Today’s annual “ASTORS” Awards continue to recognize industry leaders in physical and border security, cybersecurity, emergency preparedness – management and response, law enforcement, first responders. , as well as federal, state and municipal government agencies in recognition of their outstanding efforts to keep our nation safe.

The annual “ASTORS” awards program is specifically designed to recognize distinguished government and vendor solutions that deliver enhanced value, benefit and intelligence to end users in a variety of government, homeland security, enterprise and public safety vertical markets. “‘ASTORS’ nominations are evaluated based on their technical innovation, interoperability, specific impact within the category, overall industry impact, relationship to other industry technologies, and feasibility of application outside industry” , said the editor of AST. Michael J. Madsen.

Cloud-based AI security platform Cloudastructure was honored with:

PLATINUM Best Video Management Solution: Smart Surveillance/Remote Surveillance
PLATINUM Best video surveillance solution: smart surveillance
GOLD Best Video Analytics Solution: Smart Surveillance
GOLD Best Video Data Storage Solution – Smart Surveillance
GOLD Best cloud computing and storage: Smart monitoring/remote monitoring
PLATINUM Best Cloud IoT Cyber ​​Security Solution – GearBox™
BRONZE Best Cyber ​​Infrastructure Solution: GearBox™
PLATINUM Best IoT Product of the Year: GearBox™

The results reflect one of the biggest wins in the history of the ‘ASTORS’ awards, and at Cloudastructure, the trophies join 10 other awards received by the company in 2022 alone. The combination makes the engineering team at Cloudastructure to be the most decorated in the security industry by 2022.

CEO of Cloudstructure Rick Bentley He reflected, “Wow! First we have to thank the American Security Today judges, and then our engineers, without whom none of this would be possible.

In addition, this honor shows the value of doing video surveillance in the cloud right way, which means giving up easy shortcuts just for quick income. This becomes a Frankenstein version of cloud surveillance that only half works. Rebuilding security into a unified, cloud-native AI platform is neither quick nor easy, but requires ingenuity, patience, and discipline. We’re getting that kind of quality, the judges spotted it and the difference is tangible.”

Based in Miami, Floridawith R&D in Silicon Valley, California, Cloudastructure’s award-winning 21st century security platform uses a scalable cloud-based architecture that includes cloud video surveillance with proprietary state-of-the-art AI/ML analytics, a seamless remote protection solution, IoT cybersecurity and smart parking . The combination enables enterprise companies to achieve proactive end-to-end security and combines this platform with an attractive value proposition that avoids proprietary hardware and offers contract-free monthly pricing and unlimited 24/7 support. With Cloudastructure, businesses can achieve unmatched real-time situational awareness and therefore stop crime as it happens, while achieving a total cost of ownership up to 75% lower than other systems . For more information, visit

About American Security Today:

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