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Very often, various unwanted news, accidents or tragedies show us who our true trusted friends and family are. Although we might think that those close to us will not leave us when things start to look bad, unfortunately this is not always the case. Hard life events often disrupt the lives of families, changing the relationship between their members. One example might be the story of Reddit user @u/waltzingaway78, who wanted to ask others online if what happened between her and her daughter could have been handled differently. The post, which received over 24,000 upvotes, was commented on by many other Reddit users who did not hold back their opinions.

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Parents are the ones who are usually there for you no matter what

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The author of the post shared that she became a single mother after the death of her husband, leaving her with two young children, a daughter and a son. Soon after, the woman learned that her son was autistic. This made the situation even more dire as the child would not communicate much and would have physical meltdowns, but the woman shared that therapy helped control this situation. The mother shared that because of this, she became the primary caregiver for her son and did not hide the fact that finding the right help was difficult.

The Reddit user decided to share the situation she had to deal with after her daughter no longer wanted to deal with her because she missed the awards ceremony.

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The woman revealed that she takes care of her autistic son who requires a lot of attention

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The whole family situation escalated even more when OP’s daughter grew up and a week before she graduated, there was an awards ceremony, which she invited her mom to. Everything went well because the mother was very proud of her daughter and assured her that she would come to see her daughter’s award. For this occasion, the author of the post hired a trained specialist to stay with her son. However, once the woman was ready to leave, her son had a meltdown and instead of letting the nanny handle the situation, the mother stayed with her son, missing a once again one of the important events of his daughter.

The mom shared that she also has a daughter who was graduating and was invited to her awards ceremony

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Despite saying she would go, the woman missed the ceremony because she had to stay with her son.

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After the ceremony, the daughter called her mother and was very upset after going through yet another disappointment, reminding her mother of all the times she skipped her events to be with her brother. The woman poured her heart out, revealing how difficult it is to be around her brother and how she was finally “over” years of disappointment, so after hanging up, she stopped communicating with her mother and brother. OP revealed that her daughter hasn’t sent in her graduation tickets, she didn’t show up during the holidays, and she even heard that her daughter was engaged, but she hasn’t shared news about that either.

After this incident, the daughter explained to her mother how she felt about being left alone in such situations and decided to cut off contact with her.

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The woman shared that it was easier not having her mother and brother around

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OP shared that since the incident, she has only spoken to her daughter a few times, and during one of those interactions, she told her mom that it was better for her not to have them in her life , since it won’t be like that. disappointed Despite knowing what she did wrong, the author of the post thought she shouldn’t have lost her daughter over something that was another “emergency”. However, many people online found that this was not entirely the truth, as the woman herself shared that her daughter was upset not only by this particular event, but by years of milestones, events, ceremonies of prizes and other missed events.

The original poster thought it wasn’t fair that because of something that was an emergency, he was out of his daughter’s life.

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Of course, having to take care of a child who has autism is a challenge, and many times parents spend all their time and effort trying to make their daily life as easy as possible. However, in cases where a family has more than one child, there is a high probability that the other sibling will feel neglected or forgotten. Seconds WebMD, a news site that collects detailed health information shares that parents aren’t the only ones who have to adjust to having an autistic son or daughter. But it’s also important to understand how it will affect your other children. What is crucial in this situation is for a parent to talk to their child about it, listen to how they feel about it, what their relationship is with their sibling, not forgetting that they also need their parents’ love and support. The best way to do this is to have one-on-one time with your child to do things they enjoy and be involved in their life as well to avoid the situation where their parents are upset about not being there.

However, many people online didn’t think the mother was right in this situation, reminding her how much she missed her daughter’s life.

Many commentators agreed with the daughter’s decision, reminding the mother that she has two children to take care of.

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